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School Materials

Bayside Academy School Supply List

Below are the supplies each student will need regardless of teacher. At Bayside, we want everybody to have access to all the things needed for success. Please, contact your school counselor, if you need help with any of the items listed below. 


Supply list were sent home in the Arena Day Packets. You may also click here for the K-5 Supply List.


  • Art
    • Supplies will be provided by the teacher
  • Physical Education
    • Your PE Teacher will sell and distribute uniforms during class
    • As mentioned above, if you need items, let your counselor know
  • Mandarin
    • Materials will be provided by the teacher
  • Music
    • Instrument Pick up in class (Provided by Bayside)
  • Social Studies
    • Textbook (Provided by Bayside)
  • Science
    • Notebook will be provided by Bayside
  • Math
    • Scientific Calculator (Recommended for 8th Grade Only)
  • English Language Arts
    • Springboard consumable (Provided by Bayside)
    • Novels (Assigned by teacher) (Provided by Bayside)
  • Technology & Organization
    • Bayside Student Planner
    • Chromebook and Hotspot as needed (Provided by Bayside)
    • Headset/Earbuds with microphone were really helpful last year, we do have headphones as needed