Outgoing 8th Grade Families

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High School Information


Register Online

  • The online enrollment link is now live: https://smuhsd.schoolmint.net/signup 
  • Complete the Online Enrollment Form. Upon completion of the online enrollment form, the Office of Student Services will verify submission.
  • At the end of the Enrollment form, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment with the Student Services office. 
  • Come into the Student Services office and finalize the enrollment. 

Gather Your Information

  • All families will need to provide documentation. For a list of documents needed for enrollment click on
    "Proof of Residence".
  • Bring the proof of residency and additional registration documents to the enrollment appointment. After providing proof of residency, families will be given a personalized ‘snapcode’ that will allow access to the District’s on-line enrollment system.
  • Once the residency verification and enrollment process is complete students are eligible to participate in high school programming.
  • Students residing in a Shared Residence or with a Caregiver must submit notarized copies of the Shared Residency and/or Caregiver Affidavits, in addition to the above documents. These forms are also available at the Office of Student Services or online at the link below. Both documents must be notarized.

Visit San Mateo Union High School District, at Office of Student Services at 650 N. Delaware Street in San Mateo.