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How to Register

How one applies for and/or enrolls at Bayside STEM differs depending upon one's address and program of interest.

Living in the neighborhood

Students who live within the area which feeds into Bayside do not have to apply specially for the school. Their parents should simply respond to the paperwork sent to them or provided to them at their neighborhood school. If you have questions, call the school office at 650-312-7660.

Applying for the Bayside GATE program

Parents of GATE-identified fifth grade students who wish to apply to the GATE program at Bayside STEM must complete the “Request for Placement” form for the GATE program. Please contact the District Office. 

Applying for Bayside from outside the neighborhood, (non-GATE)

Students who live outside the Bayside coverage area but who are interested in attending the school because of its STEM program, or for other reasons, should apply for an intra-district transfer.

Applying from outside the district

If you are new to the District, please visit San Mateo-Foster City School District website