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School Site Council

The Bayside Academy School Site Council meets about once a month, usually on the first Monday or first available Monday after a break at 3:05 p.m.

School Site Councils were established state-wide to increase school effectiveness, improve student achievement and prepare students to be responsible citizens. It is based on the tenet that those people closest to the students should be actively engaged in making decisions affecting the instructional programs of the school. Since the Site Council is comprised of our principal, teachers, administrative staff, parents, and students, it is representative of all segments of the Bayside  Academy community who are committed to working together to develop curricular and instructional programs for higher student achievement. The School Site Council approves and implements the Single Plan for Student Achievement and oversees the School and Library Improvement Program, ELAC and EIA funds, and other budget and grant monies that are distributed by the state.

Parents are elected for a one year term by the Bayside  Academy parent community; teachers and administrative staff are selected by the teacher community to a one year term; students are selected for a one year term. The Site Council meets once a month and meetings are open to all who are interested.