Student Life at Bayside Middle

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Bayside offers many enrichment and extra-curricular activities in addition to its academic programs. Students can participate in those activities during lunch, after school, and during school breaks. From here, you can learn about and link to many of those activities, including Student Clubs, Sports, Music, and Special Events:

  • Student Clubs: Teachers, parents, and others lead a variety of clubs based on student interest. New clubs are forming all the time.

  • Athletics: There are many opportunities for Bayside students to participate in sports at different levels. The school has competitive teams this fall in Volleyball (girls) and flag football (boys) in the Fall, Basketball (girls/boys) in the Winter, and Track and Field (girls/boys) and soccer (girls/boys) in the Spring. There are also intramural sports programs, where Bayside students play each other, in basketball (winter), and other sports.

  • Music: Bayside has an expanding music program, anchored in several music classes. Classes and performing groups include Concert Band, Advanced Concert Band and Orchestra. The group present their work at a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert.

  • Student Government and Community Service: There are various opportunities for students to serve the Bayside and broader community, including by serving as student government representatives, participating in community service activities (such as clean-ups, tutoring, etc.) at the school and beyond.

  • Special assemblies: Students benefit from a range of special assemblies, with guest speakers and performers.

  • Other special activities and events: In the course of the year, there are other fun and interesting special events for students, such as dances, field trips, a science fair, a talent show, outdoor education, and special class activities (e.g. 6th grade fun night).