School Uniform

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Uniform dress is required at the Bayside Academy. While there is room for variation such as skirts and shorts may be worn instead of pants — students must consider appropriate choices when it comes to these variations. As students are primarily here to learn, they should present themselves professionally and not dress in any way that is distracting to the learning environment for themselves or others. All clothing and accessories should demonstrate appropriate modesty, courtesy and be safe to the wearer and those around them.

School Uniform Dress

  • Shirts
    • Plain, solid black, orange or white polo shirts
    • Shirts may not have logos, writing or contrasting piping or edging
    • Short or long sleeves polo shirts are acceptable
    • Undershirts must be solid black, white or orange
    • Polo shirt must be outermost shirt
    • Collar of uniform shirt should be visible at all times, even when wearing sweatshirt
    • No use of rubber bands to gather the shirt
  • Pants/Belts
    • Khaki-colored pants
    • Skin-tight pants are not acceptable
    • Pants are to be worn at the waist, above the hip bone
    • Belts are to be black and plain buckle. Pants may not be tied with rope or shoe laces.
    • No sagging, ballooning (tied/gathered with rubber bands)
  • Shorts/Skorts
    • Khaki-colored shorts/skorts
    • Shorts/skorts need to be no higher than mid-thigh in length
  • Skirts
    • Khaki-colored skirts
    • Skirts need to be no higher than top of the knee in length
    • Plain black or white tights may be worn
  • Shoes/Socks
    • Shoes, shoelaces, and socks must be black, white, orange, brown or gray
  • Sweatshirts
    • Sweatshirts are to be solid black, white, orange (no writing or logos)
    • Crew neck sweatshirts are preferred, but if the sweatshirt has a hood, it must be off indoors.
    • Students may wear their PE sweatshirt (School shirt collar must be visible)
    • acceptable sweathshirts and non-acceptable sweatshirts
  • Jackets
    • Jackets are to be solid black, white or orange (no visible logos or writing)
  • Hats
    • Solid black, orange or white (no visible logos or writing) and must be off indoors
  • Accessories
    • All accessories including hair ties, scarves, belts,, watches must be solid school colors: orange, white, and /or black. Hoop earrings should be no larger in size than a quarter. Necklaces and Lanyards should be tucked inside of shirts.

If students arrive to school without proper uniform dress attire:

  • Parents will be called so that required clothing can be immediately brought to school
  • Progressive discipline may follow for repeated non-compliance

The administration may grant exceptions for special occasions and or conditions.

In addition to being available at local department stores, ex. Target, Old Navy,  and Sears, uniforms may also be bought on line at Target,  The Children's Wear Outlet, French Toast, Dickie's, and School Belles, and many other locations.