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K-5 Uniforms

school uniforms

**Uniform will be strictly enforced and consequences will be given out accordingly**

Students are required to wear BAYSIDE ACADEMY uniforms at all times. Uniforms are meant to make school life and preparation easier for students and families. Please work with us if you encounter difficulties obtaining the required uniform components. Students arriving to school without proper uniform should report immediately to the front office.  Students who willfully or defiantly violate the uniform policy will be subject to progressive discipline including, but not limited to, lunch detention and after-school detention.

*Students not in uniform will be given an opportunity to call home for their uniform clothes.

The administration shall retain the authority to grant exceptions for special occasions and or conditions. As with all required materials and uniforms, scholarship assistance is available.

School Uniform


    • Plain, no logo shirts (solid black, orange or white)
    • Short or long sleeves shirts are acceptable


    • Black or Navy Blue Pants
    • Pants worn at the waist with a black belt and plain buckle
    • Pants straight leg and proper length


    • Black or Navy Blue shorts/skorts no shorter than where student’s fingertips reach on legs


    • Black or Navy Blue skirts
    • Skirts no shorter than where student’s fingertips reach on legs
    • Plain black or white tights, may also be worn under skirts


    • Shoes and shoelaces are mainly black, white, orange, gray or brown.  No crazy shoelaces.

Sweatshirts & Jackets

    • Sweatshirts and jackets solid black, orange or white with no logos or patterns.


    • Plain black, orange or white (no logos). 
    • Hoods are not to be worn indoors on campus.